Reviews American Crane School

John Bagakis

City of Livermore

I feel the class did a great Job of preparing me for the test. The class was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to pass their cert test the first time.

Abel Alvarez

Lo que esta mas amenas pero se aprende bastante como pava podey pasar lo stases te allude con lo que tu le preguntes esta muy bien

Gary Chandler

I was one of four employees from Sierra Army Depot that attended the crane training for recertification 4/6/16 thru 4/8/16.

First; I would like to thank the Instructors for well presented, to the point information needed for preparing us for the tests for recertification. Job well done and thank Mike and the other instructor.

Cesar Sotelo

Dole Foods

The class is excellent it does totally prepare you for the test if you can comprehend.

Garett Silva

Dutra Dredging

John and his crew made understanding and retaining all of the information very easy, I feel that they did an excellent job!

Steve McMurtrie

Very intense. Pertinent information only. John kept the entire class involved, interested and focused. The very best I've ever been to. I retained information beyond my expectations. Excellent.

David Lind

This class went very well. The class addressed all the requirements of the written certifications without a lot of un-needed confusing technical bullshit. The instructor was informative and presented the material in ways that made it easy to remember. His attention to the individuals in the class was based on their need. He offered as much time to each as necessary to ensure they were proficient. And he was also pretty entertaining. This guy belongs on a stage."

Carey Norton


I found the class very informative and enjoyable. Presented in a professional manner. I would highly recommend anyone attend this course.

Raffi Hagopian

Raffi's Welding

The class was the best class I ever been to. Much better then the different classes I have attended all over the world

James Russel

Simpon Timber Co.

This class was very strong on education. I would highly recommend this class.

Kathy Dixon

Builders Choice, Inc

Our goal was to certify 8 operators in 4 month and with John's help they passed with flying colors! 7 operators are bi-lingual and they scored high, thanks to American Crane School. You get what you need to pass these exams!

Duane Craft

Syblon Rein

The class I took here at American Crane School with John & crew was well worth taking and I felt I learned more here than I could have elsewhere. And was not only learning, it was fun and comfortable. Thanks."

Matthew Paine

American Crane School was top notch test prep. A wealth of information and enjoyable.

William Powell

Ormat Nevada Energy

I thought the whole class was one to the best trainings I have been to yet

Edward Murdock


Thank John. I enjoyed your class and felt that I learned a lot. I feel confident that I'll past the written test. The practical might be a different story! That's not your job though."

Jeff Brown

Helix Water District

I thought class was great. Right to point no fluff. Great class

Eric Chambless


Excellent class, very helpful, couldn't have passed without it. Thanks.

Johnny Taylor

I think this was a very good class. I think the instructor is excellent. I thank you for you time and your instructions.

Alberto Ortiz

Valley Crest Tree

This class was one of the best class I have ever take. I would recommend this class anyone who would like to learn this to take the class John and Robert were my and they were great. Thank guys

Barry Knapp

AAA Services

Pretty intense but very informative. I felt very anxious before the class, but after the first day, I felt very confident the actual test was easy after taking the classes.

Kevin Small

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

The course in an excellent preparation for this certification exam. The instructors are professional and very knowledgeable. I will recommend this to ANYONE!

Randy Rossman

Jensen Precast

Class was fun and harder than the test. I was surprised at how much I could remember in such a short time.

Martin Alvarez

La clase me parecio bien el maestro buna persona x explica bien

Colin Tinstman

Atlas Crane Service

The class was a great help. I truly felt prepared for the test. Thanks for all the help!

Jimmy Huerta

COSO Operating Company LLC

The class was intense, but John went over everything well. He drilled everything into your head the best he could.

Knotts Berry Farm

GREAT JOB! The power point was a good way to learn the information.

Don Roth

City of Poway Public Works Department

Great class, tons of info in two days, all absorbed.

Wes Wallace

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or being introduced to the fundamentals of crane operating for the first time you will leave with a much better perspective on the role of crane operators and the contributions we make to keep personnel on the job safe. Your curriculum was organized and very easy to absorb. Combine that with a practical exam and three days of your time and you have all you need to remain Cal-Os ha certified in a jiff! Thanks John."

Kent Edwards

Anderson Pacific

As well as the coverage of the test material, the focus on the load charts helped me understand them in depth. I learned many items that are important to safe crane operation awareness."

Kevin Lachapelle

City of Napa

Great Class. One of the best instructor methods of any course I have taken period!

Don Stratton

All American Asphalt

You guys did a great job of pounding info into my head. (In a comfortable way.)

Shawn Shirley

Collins Electric

Class was excellent as far as preparing me for the tests. Instructors were very effective at relaying information.