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American Crane School offers the fastest path to crane operator certification. Our expert crane training team has assisted thousands of candidates earn their certifications through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators with some of the highest pass rates in the country. American Crane School does more than just prepare you to pass the tests,  we get you to understand the principles of crane operation and crane safety.

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Florida Location Coming Soon!

American Crane School is adding a new location in Davenport, FL (just outside of Orlando). Along with the classes we offer monthly in California and Texas, classes will be available for candidates on the Eastern side of the United States. Our first class will take place mid to late April. We will keep you updated as schedules become available.

With the new law taking effect November 8, 2018 requiring all operators to be certified, and the April 15, 2019 extension, there’s never been a better time to get certified and/or maintain your current certification. To learn more, call 888-957-7277.

OSHA Grants Compliance Extension

OSHA has received feedback from the construction industry indicating some employers may need more time to document evaluations of crane operators prior to the February 7, 2019, effective date. During the first 60 days of enforcement (until April 15, 2019), OSHA will evaluate good faith efforts taken by employers in their attempt to meet the new documentation requirements for operators of cranes used in construction.

You can read the full article here.

New Law Takes Effect Requiring All Crane Operators to be Certified

Following the November 9, 2018, publication in the Federal Register of the Final Rule for the qualification of crane operators, OSHA has provided further guidance and clarification on the effective dates of its new qualification requirements for crane operators. The two most important dates to be aware of are:

November 10, 2018—Crane operators must be certified. Certifications may be by type alone and must be issued by an accredited certifying body such as NCCCO.

February 7, 2019—Employers must evaluate their crane operators according to specified criteria and a stipulated process.

For more information on the new law and Federal OSHA requirements, visit NCCCO’s website. There you can find resources that explain the difference between certification and qualification, and the new employer’s guide to operator training, certification and evaluation.

There has never been a better time to get certified! Call 888-957-7277 for more information.

Top 10 Reasons to Certify with American Crane School:

American Crane School prides ourselves on our fast three-day certification course, outstanding pass rates that constantly exceed 90%, and our skilled training team! While other schools may promote similar attributes, American Crane School has the record to back it up. We guarantee our students will pass the crane operator certification written exams, or every class with us is free until you do. Our students success is a top priority and, if by the rare chance you do not pass, our dedicated team of instructors will continue the training process to ensure your success, at no additional cost! (for up to one year from the original training session)
American Crane School understands how loss of production can be a concern when an operator takes time away from work to attend school. This is why American Crane School had set out to further meet the needs of our students by designing a comprehensive three-day course, ultimately minimizing operator downtime. By strategically researching pass rates based off duration, American Crane School took the most efficient route by creating this three-day course. Our system is proven to be not only the fastest but also the most efficient path to acheiving your crane operator certification. Therefore, American Crane School strives to further meet the needs of students by providing all the essentials needed to pass the exam and return to work promptly.
With over a decade's worth of hands on experience, our skilled training team has assisted thousands of students from all over the country in achieving their crane operator certification. American Crane School has conducted hundreds of classes where we are determined to not only meet the required expectations but exceed it. Here at American Crane School, our dedicated team of instructors set the bar with pass rates exceeding well over 90%.
Whether you're a lineman operating a digger derrick, a plumber operating a boom truck, or a full-time crane operator; American Crane School is here to help! We've trained thousands of candidates, with varying levels of experience, from just about every industry and profession. If you're looking to become a certified crane operator (or seeking recertification) this course is guaranteed to get you that certification in no time. Customized to your particular needs, we provide the flexibility to ensure your success. Thus, we offer private classes for groups of eight or more, with the option to host at your site or ours!
When a crane training school fails to provide regularly scheduled, open enrollment crane training courses, American Crane School understands that students will be the ones ultimately suffering. Our main priority is benefiting our students and continue to do so by providing monthly enrollment options to account for busy schedule, ensuring there will be no room for those lengthy waiting periods. We make it easy for students to remain rest assured by always being here for you when you need us. students can end up waiting a long time before getting certified. We avoid this by giving you monthly options that fit your busy schedule. With American Crane School, you can rest assured that we will always be there when you need us.
American Crane School routinely works with a wide range of organizations; from utility companies such as PG&E, Southern California Edison, and SMUD to government entities such as The Army Core of Engineers, Dept of Water Resources, and the California Highway Patrol. American Crane School has done it all. Along with numerous other organizations, in varying countries and cities from all over, American Crane School has been trusted to train some of the biggest names in the industry.
American Crane School is consistently keeping up with all the latest subject matter from industry experts by conducting several classes each month. This helps us evolve with all the latest training material and stay informed with certification companies testing requirements. By staying up to date on all the latest information in this rapidly growing industry, we ultimately have the highest first time pass rates in the country.
Did we mention that you will not fall asleep during class? You won't see some old crane operator reading boring regulations and telling you a story about how big the cranes were back in the day, sprinkled with war stories and jokes about ex-wives. We are clear, precise, and to the point, always keeping students on the edge of their seats. You'll learn new interesting information and leave our class feeling more confident in your skills than ever!
NO HIDDEN COSTS! Unlike many other crane schools, whom falsely advertise appealing rates only to find out later that they failed to mention undisclosed costs like testing fees, American Crane School does not mess around. We want our students to be kept informed and not side swept with unexpected expenses. Our pricing always includes the testing fees for the written and the practical exam.
At American Crane School we have specifically selected cranes located at each facility to help you pass the test and get certified. Our training team conducts a multitude of classes around the country which gives us the upper hand when it comes to staying informed on all the latest and greatest information about the ever-changing written exam. Additionally, American Crane School gives our students the best possible advantage by only utilizing cranes with a boom length of less than 70', as the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators requires that operators must test on a crane with 70%-75% of the boom length of the crane.

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In-class learning and practice exams are delivered using our state of the art Tablet Based Testing™ system.

American Crane School endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and provides training to prepare candidates for NCCCO examinations.