Recertification Timeline American Crane School

Certification is valid for five years.

Within the 5 year period you must get recertified or your certification will expire requiring you to complete the entire certification process over again as if you were a new candidate.  This means you would need to successfully complete the full length written exams and practical exams for the crane type(s) in which certification is being sought.

Certification Exams

  • 90 Question Core exam
  • 26 Question Specialty exams

Recertification Exams

  • 40 Question Core exam
  • 10 Question Specialty exams

Recertification Options

If you choose to recertify between years 1-4 … five (5) years will be added to the date when you successfully complete your recertification exams.

If you choose to recertify between years 4-5 … five (5) years will be added to your original certification expiration date.

1000 Hours of Crane-Related Experience

There is a section on the recertification application that asks about your “crane-related experience”.

  • If you do have 1000 hours of crane-related experience do not check this box.
  • If you do not have 1000 hours of crane-related experience check the box.


(NCCCO does not require any documentation for proof of crane-related experience)

Crane-related experience is defined as: crane operation, crane inspection,
crane maintenance, and or crane training.

My certification expired, but I have over 1000 hours, do I still need to sign up as a new candidate?

Yes.  Regardless how much crane-related experience you have, if your certification has expired you need to start the process from the beginning as if you were a first-time certification candidate.