Practical Exam ReTesting American Crane School

Practical Exam Re-test

(Per Practical Exam Attempt)

Need to re-take one of your Practical Exams in Houston, Texas? Both fixed cab and swing cab cranes available for retests. Call the office to schedule an exam (888) 957-PASS (7277).


  • Practical Exam
  • Fee administration
  • Swing and fixed cab cranes available
Jimmy Huerta

Jimmy Huerta

COSO Operating Company LLC

The class was intense, but John went over everything well. He drilled everything into your head the best he could.

Alberto Ortiz

Alberto Ortiz

Valley Crest Tree

This class was one of the best class I have ever take. I would recommend this class anyone who would like to learn this to take the class John and Robert were my and they were great. Thank guys